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Training Tracker 9000 is the surprise “find” of the year! If you don't look at another innovation for your company, this one is the one to look at. Training Tracker 9000 helps to optimize and standardize training and procedures so that nothing is missed and was developed by behavioral experts to be engaging and improve retention.

Training Tracker 9000 is a database system that integrates employee access, reporting, assessment, Process Improvement, and QAPI (Quality Assessment Performance Improvement) functionality, all to optimize safety and performance outcomes.

Our LMS (Learning Management System) and training records solution gives you access to complete training programs and allows you to customize and change materials, manage delivery, set standards, track qualification of individual employees, and substantiate your level of commitment to a consistent professional training program.

Training Tracker 9000's 1-2-3 set up and delivery of use makes implementing easy and training consistency automatic.

Training Tracker 9000 centralizes and automates all areas of employee training and records management. It gives you a quick reference to job qualification and sets up reminders to give you an automatic ongoing safety program.

Designed to work with innate human learning processes, Training Tracker 9000 helps you optimize the new employee orientation process to increase productivity, reduce costs, and help with familiarizing new employees with your company so they are on the job and ready to go.

  • Decreases employee time to get on the job
  • Creates a professional technologically advanced approach to a training program
  • Combines incident reporting processes and helps organize and distribute efficient alerts to appropriate recipients

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