Safety Tracker 9000 is the system is the one system that will make your life so much easier, that you are going to be left asking yourself how you lived without it!

It is a forms system that ties into ties into your database system.  You can use Safety Tracker 9000 library of forms or create and customize your own.  Information is documented for easy retrieval in your database and allows you to collect and process information. 

You can build cases, document incidences, substantiate communications, photo document or attach a photo for reference.  You can assign permissions to specific employees, and clients for real time communication to help create a team centered approach and keep everyone on the same page.  Information retrieval is easy, organized and is set up for quick retrieval.  No more shuffling through JSA's for substantiation of your efforts, or scrambling to survive a performance audit!

Safety Tracker 9000 works seamlessly integrated with the other Tracker 9000 products or as a stand alone. 

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