Pipeline Training, Safety, and Compliance

Pipeline Training and Compliance Materials

Incident Case Management and Emotional Outreach

How you handle training, safety and compliance comes down to this. You can either be proactive or reactive when it comes down to it. Your business and your profitability depends on this choice.

Training Tracker 9000 is revolutionizing the training and compliance industry by providing companies with a proactive solution to achieve clear and measurable results. And it is easy to deploy! The emphasis is on the reality that every task can be performed safely and it is the individuals responsibility at all times to perform work in a safe manner, be aware of their surroundings and keep themselves and their coworkers safe.

The interactive multimedia approach is entertaining and engaging, and integrates information with real life experiences to back up and solidify principles for quick retention and recall. Testing is seamlessly woven into the process and automatically scored and tracked. The emphasis is put on the worker and their responsibility to keep themselves and their coworkers safe. People are treated as significant, unique individuals and training is approached on individual and appropriate basis. This cuts down on wasted time and brain clutter, so the focus can stay on the tasks which they are responsible for.

Safety and compliance training for pipeline construction

Training Tracker 9000 was created by experts using it in the field to provide organizations with an easy to implement safety and compliance training program. Learning Management, Safety Training and Compliance organizes everything and deploys all training in an easy to use format, managing and providing feedback for Continuous Process Improvement implementation. It enables you to customize training materials and integrate them into an employee database for individual training, certification and tracking, which will stand up to an audit or substantiation.

We have developed year long safety materials covering a comprehensive range of safety topics, providing corporations with an outstanding option to train employees, contractors and people in the field with a consistent message having a goal of developing a safety culture mindset. All materials were designed to set up triggers that work with the brain to help with retention and recall in real life situations.

How to deploy it

It is as simple to deploy as it gets! Set up a record at the time of hire...and that's the last time you have to interact with the system. Materials are deployed at the appropriate times. Proficiency and alerts for qualification expiration are also built in and tracked so that qualifications are handled and followed through automatically ensuring that everyone has the training to qualify them to do the job safely. The ongoing weekly reminder videos, messages and site graphics continue to reinforce the message and keep every one on the same page.

Training Tracker 9000 gives you complete visibility of your workforce and control over the quality of the entire learning and documentation process in a proactive way. The proactive safety approach is not only profitable, it is the right thing to do.

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