Pipeline Training and Compliance Materials

Our system of training and compliance is carried out in five different levels.  Each level is not only specific in content but is deployed at different times, ensuring a continuous flow of information for optimal retention.
  • Level 1 - Initial training, orientation, or intake
  • Level 2 - Crew videos or group training
  • Level 3 - OSHA compliance
  • Level 4 - Basic skills
  • Level 5 - Safety or process feed

Level 1 - Orientation content

Our orientation material gives a complete overview of all common tasks and operations the entire crew needs to embrace to accomplish a safe working environment.  It is based on three levels of personal responsibility for themselves, coworkers and environment, and work safe procedures.

Level 2 - Crew videos

Crew videos break out specific tasks only applicable to individual crews.  Each crew video includes an overview of tasks, hazards associated with these tasks, and correct procedures to eliminate doing a task in an unsafe manner.

  • Clearing crew
  • Environmental crew
  • Grade crew
  • Stringing crew
  • Bending crew
  • Pipe gang and firing line
  • Coating crew
  • Tie-ins
  • Backfill
  • Lowering in
  • All crews

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